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    Fighting game Samurai Shodown is showing off pillar wielding DLC monk fighter Wan-Fu

    Pulled straight out of the temple, Wan-Fu the most powerful pillar of a fighter who was first introduced in the initial Samurai Shodown back in 1993 is now making a return in this series as a DLC character as portrayed by publisher Leyou Technologies subsidiaryAthlon Games Incand developerSNK.


    He who wields many weapons

    Unlike many warriors in the Samurai series, Wan-Fu is really adaptable and uses many weapons in the past series such as a dao (Chinese Saber) or even a mace and is now making a return wielding back a pillar-like weapon plucked straight from a temple that acts as both defensive and offensive pummelling action as well as an explosive missile throw for his ultimate move. Wan- Fu is available for purchase at $5.99/24.81 MYR or pre-packaged in a Season Pass for $19.99/ 82.81 MYR.

    Samurai Shodown is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the Switch version has arrived in Japan back on December 12, 2019, followed up by Western release in Q1 2020.

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