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    The Game Awards Tightens Security To Prevent A Hat-Trick Of Stage Invasion

    The Game Awards which is produced and hosted by gaming industry iconic journalist Geoff Keighley is set to happen on 7 December 2023. It is no secret that the past two shows that Geoff hosted had stage invasions with these occurrences even ending up being highlights of the show.

    The first happened during The Game Awards 2022 when after FromSoftware won Game of the Year with Elden Ring, a member of the audience managed to sneak up onto the stage with FromSoftware’s entourage. After Elden Ring’s game director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s speech, the person started to give out a now famous speech with the words “orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton” to the confusion of the audience and the people on stage.

    The second stage invasion happened during Gamescom Opening Night Live in August 2023 where Geoff was the presenter. Right after Bethesda’s Starfield trailer, Geoff was interrupted by an audience member who rushed onto the stage and said “Bill Clinton wanted to play GTA6” to the microphone.

    Though not harmful, this stage invasion does harm the show and one of the questions during the Twitch Q&A was whether Geoff will be taking more security measures during this year’s The Game Awards. Here is his reply:

    “Yeah, we are. We don’t want to talk about that stuff too publicly, just because it’s security. We definitely have plans and we’re trying to do all we can to keep me safe, but also everyone watching the show, the audience, people participating in the show and everything.
    It’s certainly something we’re thinking about. We appreciate the concern. Believe me, that’s something that is top of mind for us, but we also want to put on a great show that celebrates these games, and celebrates our love of video games, so that’s an important thing to keep in mind as well. But yeah, I appreciate the concern around that.”

    -Geoff Keighley, Producer & Host of The Game Awards

    All the best to Geoff for the upcoming award show and hope that everything goes smoothly this year. The Game Awards 2023 will start streaming on 7 December 2023 and if you have not yet voted, you still have 1 day (as of the date of this article) to choose your favourite games of 2023 in the link below.


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