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    Enter a journey of ethereal sound-surfing with Onde

    Publisher Mixtvision has partnered with French studios Lance and 3-50 to release their debut game Onde. The game is scheduled to release for PC in Q4 2021, as well as for Nintendo Switch and iOS later in 2022.

    Onde has players dive into a delicate world where they are carried fluidly through abstract landscapes by waves made of sound and light. They learn to create and follow ephemeral paths to make their way through the sound-filled surroundings that change from dark crystalline caves to brightly coloured skies. Each new area that players travel through brings about unique visuals and adds more variations to the core puzzle mechanic of creating and riding along circles.

    While the game’s puzzles can be challenging at times, as players have to figure out the right way and the right timing to go, the adaptive music as well as the player character’s tiny companions are there to guide them. There are no high scores, no time pressure and no game overs: Resonating with the flow, trusting the journey and enjoying the audio-visual ride through this world filled with wonders are the core experiences of the game.

    “We believe in games as an art-form that can reach and have an impact on many people. We are happy to bring a gem like Onde to the market, to show that it doesn’t need action-packed titles to leave a lasting impression: The combination of a gameplay concept that is simple, clever and variable with gorgeous art- and immersive sound design can do just the trick”

    Benjamin Feld – Director of Games Publishing at Mixtvision

    Key Features:

    • Smooth, intuitive puzzle-platforming: create ephemeral paths along waves of sound and light to follow your calling
    • Ethereal, adaptive soundscapes: conduct soothing sounds as you navigate through melodic environments
    • Meditative experience: organic movement, fluid gameplay and relaxing sounds make for a Zen-like journey
    • A world filled with wonders: from the deep sea to space, explore manifold areas along your way, each sporting unique visuals and puzzle mechanics
    • Elegant abstract artwork: a serene world that changes from clear lines to swirls of colour during this journey of life
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