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    Dungeons 4 Unleashes The Absolute Evil On the Overworld

    Beware, do-gooders of the Overworld, for war is on the horizon. Publisher Kalypso Media and in-house developer Realmforge Studios have unleashed The Absolute Evil upon the Overworld with the official launch of the Dungeons series’ highly anticipated sequel, Dungeons 4.

    Sound the alarm and prepare your traps, because Dungeons 4 is now available day one on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC and is available in Standard or Deluxe Editions on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and PlayStation 5. The Deluxe Edition provides hellish extras for the most daring minions, including the Digital Artbook, exclusive Dungeons 3 Evil Hand Legacy Skin, Thalya Legacy ‘Evil and Good’ skin, remastered Storming of Dollaran Map from Dungeons 3, and the Official Dungeons 4 Soundtrack.

    About Dungeons 4

    Ensuring victory over the heroes of the Overworld. With larger dungeons, an expansive Overworld, enhanced co-op play, more evil critters, and the addition of the infuriating Dwarves, Evil has never looked this good.

    Building on the success of the iconic Dungeons series, Dungeons 4 unleashes evilness upon the Overworld with a mix of real-time strategy, simulation, and dungeon management gameplay.

    The story follows the Dark Elf Thalya, who recently returned from imprisonment as she sows chaos in the Overworld and ultimately teams up with a very unlikely partner along with the embodiment of The Absolute Evil re-incarnated, The Baby Evil – Gorgu. Reinforced with a new ability-based Perk System and Baby Evil at her side, Thalya is certain she will finally overcome the forces of good once and for all.

    As if Thalya didn’t have enough to deal with, the developers at Realmforge have decided to make Dungeons 4 even more challenging by adding a new adversary. Dwarves have arrived in Dungeons 4 ready to tunnel destruction through carefully crafted dungeons to prevent The Absolute Evil from turning the beautiful Overworld into Evil’s most pleasurable holiday paradise.

    Prepare for the onslaught of Dwarves by ensuring the Dungeon is well-protected by traps and stocked with minions ready to thwart those pesky intruders. Think the Absolute Evil would stop there? No way! Those brave enough to face the forces of good can have an evil buddy tag along in the adventure with dynamic two-player co-op multiplayer, managing and controlling the same dungeon with a unified evil vision.

    What would a new Dungeons game be without the storytelling prowess of the beloved narrator? The undeniably charming and fan-favourite English narrator Kevan Brighting returns to the carnage to chronicle every conquest and provide helpful… or at least satisfying commentary throughout the campaign.

    Dungeons 4 is out now, with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC and is also available on Xbox Series X|S, Steam (6pm), Epic Games Store (6pm), and PlayStation 5. The PC editions available on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Epic Games Store will feature a “beta” version of a level editor, allowing users to create and distribute their own content.

    Dungeons 4 will bring The Absolute Evil to the Nintendo Switch in 2024.


    1. Everything is better with Dwarves: The Dwarves have arrived to build their underground strongholds as the hardy fellows compete with the Ever-Expanding Evil for space and resources.
    2. It makes your Dungeon great again: Dungeons are up to four times larger than before with many more creatures who await the All-Commanding Evil’s orders to conquer the Overworld. Now the time has come for massive armies and truly sprawling dungeons.
    3. New and shiny: An ability-based Perk System for Thalya, the Absolute Evil’s trusted *cough* and most loyal subordinate, grants her impressive new powers. The Absolute Evil can now enjoy taking over the world, governing the creatures and slapping subordinates even more with the customizable Evil Hand.
    4. Minions, everywhere: The Horde, the Undead, and the Demons wait to do The Absolute Evil’s bidding, with more creatures eagerly following Evil’s orders and slightly more helpful Snots who will play a much more prominent role this time around.
    1. Many ways to tell the story: A long campaign, narrated by the beloved English Narrator Kevan Brighting, as well as several skirmish maps all to challenge your rule as the Absolute Evil.
    2. Change the world: Spread your Evilness across the Overworld to bring lush and green environments over to the dark side, now shining even more vibrant and beautifully evil as you take control over new biomes.
    3. Work together, slay together: 2-player co-op multiplayer allows both players to manage one Dungeon together with a unified evil vision. All maps from the skirmish mode and the campaign are playable in co-op.

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