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    Decide The Fate Of Engardin – Gorgeous Action-Adventure Title Afterimage Is Out Now

    Modus Games and Aurogon Shanghai are pleased to announce that the fully hand-drawn, stunning adventure Afterimage is now available. Players can delve into the 2D action-adventure title now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Watch the title’s fast-paced combat in action in a brand-new launch trailer:


    Afterimage combines its dazzling, hand-drawn aesthetic with deep RPG elements and a Metroidvania-like world to challenge its players to explore and traverse the land of Engardin as they build their character in any way they see fit. Explore treacherous environments, defeat challenging bosses, and uncover the secrets holding Engardin and its various inhabitants together.

    Set years after “The Razing,” a cataclysm that pushed humanity to its brink, human settlements are once again under attack by mystic forces. Players fill the shoes of Renee, an amnesiac who leaves her destroyed village to find the truth behind these strange attacks. On the way, however, they’ll find the truth behind the disaster that started this story, and eventually shape the future itself by learning lessons from the past.

    The non-linear world of Engardin allows players to explore at their own pace. With over 200 pieces of equipment to collect, six different weapon classes to master, and talent points to invest in multiple diverse skills, Afterimage allows players to take control of their own journey.

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