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    Dead Cells – Available on all platforms today!

    What is this Dead Cells?

    • A side scrolling ‘Dark Souls’ liked game that has sold 730,000 units on it’s early access release (on PC).
    • A game that received over 15,000 ‘Very Positive’ ratings on Steam.
    • Developed by Motion Twin. Available on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, PS4, Switch and XBOX One, on the coming August 7, 2018.


    Look at all the goodies~

    Here are few more supporting facts based on various findings:

    • Randomized levels, procedural generation in each death
    • Did I mention Dark souls? Steep difficulty
    are you a boss fight?!
    • skills will recharge fast, allowing fast paced massacre as a whole (Don’t forget to dodge tho)
    • changing the pace, there will be certain areas with time gates, which is time limit to rush through certain areas for certain good rewards
    • Art style, nostalgic visual background, 16-bit graphics
    • 11 levels with different visuals ambiance and feels
    • Estimated 30 hours game play (unless you are a speed runner)
    • 20 different monsters (more in the future)
    • 50+ different items, skills and experiment to kill your enemies.
    • fast fluid, responsive movements

    Additional info

    This game will not only depends on your skills as a player, but also based in RnG (loots, blueprints), management, health and damage which means Dead Cells takes all this into account as equal importance in this non-stop action game with satisfying combat.


    The game will be released on all consoles, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on August 7 (today), 2018.

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