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    New Dark Knight Class is now available for Black Desert Mobile


    Pearl Abyss has announced that the latest Dark Knight class will be now available on Black Desert Mobile. Celebrating the release, Adventurers who train and develop their own Dark Knight will be able to get various rewards. Here is the description and trailer of the class from Pearl Abyss:

    A member of the Vedir, the beautiful but deadly Dark Knight is known for her graceful fighting style. A combination of close combat attacks with her powerful two-handed Kriegsmesser sword and an array of dark magic,  make her a versatile combatant on the battlefield. By leveling up the Dark Knight, Adventurers can earn a variety of rewards, which can be used to strengthen equipment, upgrade the camp, and grow the Black Spirit.

    On top of the new class, the Tower of Trails has been added into Black Desert Mobile. The tower allows Adventurers to send 2 of their characters to build strength and unlock special items. Clearing each floor will give characters experience with rewards. Only characters above level 45 and is not currently being used can be sent into the tower.

    An Auto-Quest system is also added which will help Adventurers to develop their lesser played characters. This new system will allow quests that have already been done to be completed on the other characters in the family until it matches the character which is the farthest in the quest progress.

    Black Desert Mobile is available for download on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store.

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