Home News Black Desert's Arena of Arsha 2020 registration now open

    Black Desert’s Arena of Arsha 2020 registration now open

    Pearl Abyss has announced that registrations for “Arena of Arsha 2020 – Class Tournament” are now opened. Adventurers can register for the opportunity to become a famous master of their class from today onwards.

    Arena of Arsha is a special battle tournament that allows Adventurers to become the operator and set the rules of various PVP matches. This year, the tournament will run for individual participants only who must sign-up using a Trial Character of the relevant class. Adventurers can sign-up until April 5 through Black Desert SEA’s official website. Only one class per family can be registered and that class cannot be changed after registration. The latest information on the tournament, including its rewards and specifications, will be updated on the official website.

    In addition to this update, drop rates will increase not only for hunting but also for fishing and gathering until April 8th. Precious items such as Black Stones, Ancient Relic Crystal Shards, Hard Black Crystal Shards, and Sharp Black Crystal Shards can now be obtained with a higher chance of success.

    Oasis events are also taking place for those seeking valuable rewards. Starting today, Adventurers can complete special quests, purchase exclusive items from the NPC Ellie, and obtain a Dream Chest for every 30 minutes of gameplay (up to a maximum of 12 chests can be obtained each day).



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