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    ‘Chicken Police: Into the HIVE!’ Demo Available During The ‘Steam Next Fest’, Feb 5-12

    The Wild Gentlemen have announced that the first demo of “Chicken Police: Into the HIVE!” will be available during the next Steam Next Fest, scheduled from February 5th to February 12th.

    This announcement marks a significant development for fans of the Chicken Police series, offering a new opportunity to explore the world of Clawville.

    For those interested in getting a preview of the game’s mechanics and storyline, the gameplay reveal trailer is available below.

    Additionally, an extended announcement trailer, which includes exclusive developer comments, provides further insights into the game’s narrative and development process.

    “Chicken Police: Into the HIVE!” is set to continue the adventures of detectives Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken.

    The game combines visual novel-style storytelling with point-and-click detective gameplay, challenging players to investigate, analyze, and question within the game’s unique noir-inspired world.

    The game is expected to launch on PC in 2024, and further information about the game’s development and features can be found in the latest blog post by the developers. The demo’s release during the Steam Next Fest presents an early look at what players can anticipate from this upcoming title.

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