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    Chasm – Bringing pixelated actions back!


    Still hungry for that Bloodstained game? Here’s an alternative for you to try, coming to consoles and PC on the 31st of July, 2018. No this is not Sar-chasm, this is Chasm, a crowdfunded game on kickstarter by developer Bit Kid Inc.

    With sprite pixelated side scrolling Metroidvania style RPG adventure, filled with procedural generated mining dungeons.



    You play as a new recruit undertaking your first mission for the Guildean Kingdom. You track strange rumors that a mine vital to the Kingdom has been shut down with the townspeople disappeared.

    In order to solve the mystery and restore peace , you embarked upon an epic adventure, down below the mines with deadly battles , exploration and powerful new equipment hidden. Take up your arms for your kingdom.


    Here are the following information from Steam:

    • Explore six massive procedurally-assembled areas from hand-crafted rooms
    • Enjoy challenging retro gameplay and authentic pixel art (384×216 native res.)
    • Battle massive bosses and discover new abilities to reach previously inaccessible areas
    • Customize your character by equipping armor, weapons, and spells

    Help Daltyn equipments and gain abilities and equipment. Evading traps while defeating a horde of deadly monsters, to save the town Karthas

    Coming to Playstation 4 or Vita and PC (Win/Mac/Linux via Steam and Humble)

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