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    Bloodstained looks Bloody nice!!

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a goth side scrolling action platformer kickstarted and created by Koji Igarashi.
    A spiritual successor of a distant past Castlevania series that we know truly and loved. Has been announced for all current gaming Gen platforms including PC.



    Based on the story trailer above, Bloodstained starts off with a Dracula like figure sitting on a throne, drop and breaking a wine glass, hinting potential Alucard as well in this series?. Setting itself back in England 1783, hordes of demons began to terrorize the townsfolk’s. After 10 years have passed since the incident, the demons have returned.
    However this is when our female protagonist Miriam awakens, equipped with weapons such as guns, swords, a glimpse of whip or scarf like weapon? and puncturing rapier with a few magics to boot.

    The trailer ends with Miriam calling out to her friend “Gebel, tell me you didn’t do this?”, in a friendly but shocked tone. While Gebel replied “Join me, Miriam”, turning himself and an unknown figure behind him into a blood moon. Ending it with the title of the game and a looming castle set as a background behind it.


    Verdict: The castle seems to be the stage of the game while Gebel would assume to be a good friend to our dear protagonist Miriam, plot which is cliche losing his way bla bla bla and yada yada end up becoming an antagonist (maybe last boss or semi last boss). Did I mention about figure of Alucard at the beginning of the trailer.

    • Based on the current view of the trailers alone:
    • Bloody good cell shaded graphics
    • Bloody good response and bloody fluid movements
    • Bloody good songs in both classical and upbeat tracks.
    • Bloody interesting few boss fights both large and small
    • Bloody good voice acting

    Kickstart backers whom previously contributed to the kickstarter campaign, will have early game beta.Release date is yet to be confirmed with currently speculating in 2018, no specific dates for both beta and games for now.

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