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    Catch Monsters Using Cassettes And Fuse Em In Cassette Beasts

    Developers Bytten Studio and publisher Raw Fury announces Cassette Beasts is coming to Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam). Players will be collecting monsters to use during turn-based battles in this open-world RPG. Cassette Beasts has not announced a release date yet.

    Source: Raw Fury

    Game Details as shared by Steam
    • Collect awesome monsters to use during turn-based battles in this open-world RPG. Combine two monster forms to create unique and powerful new ones!
    • Welcome to New Wirral, a remote island inhabited by strange creatures you’ve only dreamed of, nightmares you hopefully haven’t, and a cast of brave folks who use cassette tapes to transform for battle. To find a way home you’ll need to explore every inch of the island, and record monsters on your trusty cassette tapes to gain their abilities!
    • Transform into monsters…using retro cassette tapes?!
      Record a monster to tape, then play it back to take on its form for battle!
    • Fuse monster forms!
      Getting close to your companion has benefits–while transformed you can combine your strengths to gain the upper hand in battle!
    • Explore a rich open world
      Certain monster abilities can be used in human form. Use it to get around places, solve puzzles, and locate dungeons. Glide, fly, swim, climb, dash, or even turn magnetic!
    • Travel alongside a diverse cast of human companions
      Never fight alone! Form bonds, spend time together and help your selected partner complete personal goals to become a better team. The strength of your relationship determines how well you’re able to fuse!
    • Master a deep battle system
      Take advantage of elemental chemistry to apply extra buffs or debuffs alongside your attack, or even alter your opponent’s elemental type!

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