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    Capcom Black Friday Sale Is Ongoing!

    Capcom Black Friday Sale is ongoing! Not only the first HALF-PRICE sale for Resident Evil Village but also includes a huge line-up of Capcom masterpieces with special discounts!

    The “CAPCOM BLACK FRIDAY SALE” is ongoing! A huge line-up of selected titles is now on SALE! Purchase the digital version of each title with a special discount on PlayStation Store, Steam and Microsoft Store!

    Resident Evil Village, the latest instalment of the famous RE series widely acclaimed for its colourful “Horror” content and actions, and the dramatic story of “Ethan Winters”, is now having a HALF-PRICE sale!

    Also, other titles like,

    * The fan-favourite “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne”;
    * “Street Fighter V: Champion Edition” which is about to release a new additional character, and its add-on contents “Season 5 Character Pass” & ” Street Fighter V-Champion Edition Upgrade Kit”;
    * “Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” from the DMC series that just celebrated its 20th anniversary are also on the SALE list!

    Take this opportunity to purchase those selected titles and have fun!

    Please note that the sale period and the platforms vary from product to product.
    For details of the sale, please visit Capcom’s official website or the online store pages of each platform.
    The promotion period may be changed without notice.

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