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    Horizon Forbidden West: An Authentic World

    Bo de Vries, Community Lead from Guerrilla Games shared on the PlayStation Blog, how Guerrilla Games’ Team creates a world filled with adventure, culture, and opportunity in Horizon Forbidden West.
    Forbidden West’s world is vast and deadly, filled with ancient ruins, awe-inspiring machines, and hidden threats. Surrounded by danger, its human inhabitants need places to train, rest, and improve their gear. The game’s settlements form these sanctuaries, and they are just as vital to Aloy as they are to the tribes that live in them.

    Heading to Chainscrape

    One of the first places Aloy will visit as she travels west is Chainscrape, an Oseram outpost settlement on the border. It offers abundant natural resources and opportunities for adventure and risk. Its tenants have come here for many reasons: to flee problems back home in the Claim, to make a few quick shards, to embrace a dream, or for the thrill of exploration. It’s a busy hub, featuring a town bar where Aloy can meet some interesting new characters.

    Settlements of the Forbidden West

    Aloy relies on settlements and NPCs to sustain and equip her. Progression, skills, upgrades, health, and tools are all part of a larger ecosystem that structures the huge and intricate open world of the Forbidden West.

    Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18, 2022, on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Visit the blog for more details.

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