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    Brazen Blaze VR Game Launches Open Beta on Meta Quest – Register Now!

    MyDearest Co., Ltd. has officially initiated the Open Beta phase for “Brazen Blaze,” their eagerly awaited 3v3 multiplayer melee VR game, now accessible on Meta Quest.

    Slated for release on the Meta Quest Store and Steam later this year, “Brazen Blaze” promises an exhilarating, action-packed multiplayer experience, with the Open Beta running until February 12, 2024. Registration for interested participants is currently open.

    “Brazen Blaze,” crafted by the developers behind “Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate” and “Tokyo Chronos,” plunges players into intense close-quarter melee combat within a VR environment. The game stands out with its cast of characters, each equipped with distinctive skills, ultimates, and weaponry, offering a narrative depth similar to traditional online platform fighters but within the immersive realm of VR.

    The game is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of players, from those seeking quick, engaging online matches to those desiring prolonged, intense gaming sessions. “Brazen Blaze” introduces a dynamic environment where virtually everything is destructible, allowing players to unleash their combat prowess in diverse ways, from ejecting adversaries off skyscrapers to levelling cityscapes in fast-paced 5- to 10-minute bouts.

    The Open Beta phase also marks the debut of two new characters, Velvet and Sunshine, expanding the roster beyond the initial trio from the Closed Alpha Test. Velvet, a celebrity actress, brings agility and precision with her katana, while Sunshine, a reformed war robot turned comedian, offers explosive humour with his bomb-centric arsenal.

    Participants in the Open Beta will be eligible for exclusive promotional items, including Hazen Gems and other unique in-game assets, set to be distributed upon the game’s official launch. Additionally, the “Brazen Blaze Invitation Program” incentivizes players to engage with friends during the Open Beta, with further details and rewards outlined on the game’s official website.

    For more information on the Open Beta and to register, players can visit the official “Brazen Blaze” website or check out the game’s Steam page.

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