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    Boomerang X, a First Person Boomeranger throws a July 8th release on PC and Nintendo Switch

    The dizzying developers of DANG! and aerodynamic label Devolver Digital throws in a release date for Boomerang X, the twirling action game will go back and forth in your hands from July 8th, on Nintendo Switch and PC! A new aerial trailer accompanies this good news. Beware of force feedback!

    Boomerang X is a real aerial ballet. Catapult into the air and harness the power of downed creatures along the way to slow down time and frantically slice swarms of dark souls with a perfectly sharp boomerang. Passing through these once-vibrant places, which have been sacrificed to bury a terrifying secret, involves facing all the dangers of Godpath and the forgotten realms that animate its depths. Only one mission: to clean the rooms to prevent everything that nestles below from coming back to you.

    Here’s a boomerang that nerds like you can’t dismiss

    Fork Parker – Devolver Digital CFO

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    Reaving through hordes of nightmares isn’t the only thing your boomerang is good for: once thrown, you can slingshot directly to it, preserving momentum and throwing yourself through the air. Slow down time and use well-aimed and well-timed throws to get around, above, and behind your foes. Speed is everything, and only the nimblest boomerang-er will survive…

    Fight otherworldly forces and look cool doing it. Impress the boomerang with stylish tricks and it’ll grant you stranger powers — powers that’ll let you defeat the forces of the depths with greater ease. Kaspidae smiles upon you and your killer moves…

    They creep and crawl from crevices… swoop and dive from the treetops… and spray nasty bile at you from all angles. Keep your wits about you – nowhere is safe. Whatever you do, don’t stand still, or you’ll surely be consumed…

    Fight your way through the bowels of ruined civilization undone by these creatures of nightmare and stop them spreading to the rest of your world. Something lurks deep underneath these ruined halls, spewing corruption… can you defeat whatever it is? And even if you can… will that really be the end?

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