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    Black Desert Mobile’s Everfrost Region And Guardian Class Available Now

    Korean publisher and developer Pearl Abyss announced the Everfrost region and the Guardian class are available now in Black Desert Mobile. The new region invites players to the wintry mountain, where they can experience new story quests and missions, earn valuable loot, and confront a powerful world boss. Players also can play the latest class in the game, Guardian, the mighty protector of Everfrost.


    Everfrost is a region beyond Drieghan covered with pure white snow, icy terrain and bone-chilling enemies. New players can start enjoying the new region upon registering their family name after the initial gameplay of 10 minutes. This will grant them access to five distinct stories that await their exploration in Everfrost. By conquering all the storyline quests, they will achieve combat power equivalent to that of the renowned Mediah region. Existing players can look forward to new grades of accessories, formidable boss monsters, and captivating content that can enhance their gameplay experience and foster their ongoing progression.

    • Five New Stories: Players can progress through five stories in Everfrost, which is unlocked sequentially and can be played regardless of combat power. Once all five stories are completed, players will progress at a higher speed and complete the main quests quickly.
    • Icy Climate: Players must protect themselves from the freezing cold by using ‘Citron Tea,’ which provides 20 minutes of warmth. ‘Citron Tea’ can be obtained everyday once the player completes an in-game quest. The item should be used within 24 hours of claiming it.
    • New World-Exclusive Boss: Players can battle with Erebjork, the mighty boss monster, by procuring the Dreadwinter Heart item through relentless hunting within the new region. A maximum of 30 players who defeat Erebjork will have an opportunity to acquire the enticing rewards that await them.
    • Eilton Defense Battle Content: As players participate in various activities in the new region, the monsters of Everfrost will become restless and accumulate their energy. After the monsters’ energy is full for 24 hours, the Eilton Defense will commence, enabling players to participate in the battle for up to an hour to protect the village’s artifacts and receive rewards such as ‘Voidsent Eye’ and ‘Unknown Memory(Necklace)’. Players can participate in the defense battle once a week.


    The Guardian is an Ascension class with a powerful Battle Axe and Battle Shield that overwhelms enemies through sheer force and penetrates their defenses using four main skills:

    • Bonechill Strike: The Guardian slams her battle axe into the ground, striking enemies in a wide range with a strong shockwave.
    • Hellfrost: The Guardian channels the power of the earth into her battle axe and strikes down, attacking enemies around her. She can pair this skill with “Flow: Ground and Pound” to unleash additional attacks, which makes this ability most effective in defeating groups of monsters.
    • Shield Blitz: The Guardian raises her shield and charges forward, pushing back enemies. Her speed gradually increases throughout the duration of her charge. She can transition into another attack by using other skills.
    • Call of the Dragon: This is a passive skill that boosts the Guardian’s stats and applies to all other skills in her toolkit. When activated, the Guardian’s critical hit chance and critical hit damage increase, and the effect can be stacked up to five times.


    Celebrate the expansion launch with exciting in-game events and community activities.


    Unleash the Guardian class in special daily missions, unlocking rewards like the Fortune Scroll, Red Bean Bun, and Restoration Scroll, enhancing your Everfrost journey. Players can embark on the Everfrost Expedition to receive rewards including Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass, Citron Tea, Ancient Inscribed Glyph, and more. Don’t miss out on exciting in-game events with monthly login rewards, story quests, and snowflake collections.


    Participate in Black Desert Mobile’s special community events and become a part of this joyous celebration surrounding this momentous update.

    • Share Strategies and Tips for Everfrost and the Guardian Class! (June 27 – July 11)
      • Help fellow Adventurers in the new update by sharing strategies in the “Tips and Tricks” forum for a chance to win 2,000 Black Pearls, an All-Inclusive Plus Chest, and the in-game “Bookworm” title.
    • Gleam Giveaway Event (June 20 – July 11)
      • Complete interactive giveaway activities on the Gleam page to earn entries for a chance to win physical and in-game prizes like a Backbone One controller for mobile devices or rare All-Inclusive Plus Chests.
    • Emoji/Sticker/GIF Contest (June 20 – July 11)
      • Create and submit an emoji, sticker or GIF inspired by the Everfrost & Guardian update and win rewards including an in-game “BDM Artist” title.

    More details on these events can be found in this blog post.

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