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    Battle To The Beat With The Power Of Music In Rhythm-Based Fighting Game God Of Rock

    Video game publisher Modus Games at Gamescom revealed the next step forward for fighting games: rhythm-based attacks from the most powerful musicians on the planet. Developed internally by Modus Studios, God Of Rock is a brand-new IP that brings music and combat together, creating an original fighting game experience.

    Source: GamesRadar

    Face off against your opponent as one of the universe’s greatest talents, and with the power of your righteous beats, blast them into orbit. You and your enemy will face each other like in any other fighting game, but the actual battle will be driven by rhythm game mechanics.

    Follow the prompts scrolling across the screen, spurred on by music that’s been dictated by the stage and characters selected, to unleash attacks on your foe. As battles continue and health bars wear down, the beat will pick up. Keep up with the music, or your attacks will miss their mark. Lose your groove and be the first to fall.

    On top of keeping up with the beat, you can attack your opponents with special moves, EX moves, and supers. Your opponent will have to block those attacks or defend against them by achieving a Reversal with their own special moves. Characters can also trigger additional challenges upon opponents, such as speeding up the track, freezing their inputs, or dropping mines mid-song.

    Start out in Training mode to practice executing moves to the beat, then jump into the Story mode, following a favorite character to be the last competitor standing, or fly right into local and online matches to go head-to-head against players around the globe!

    God Of Rock is available to wishlist on Steam now and arrives on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X|S, and Xbox One this winter

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