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    MergeCrafter – Magical Merge World Released on Steam!

    Fiveamp, LLC’s newest mobile game MergeCrafter is now available worldwide on Steam, as well as both the Apple App Store and Google Play today!

    MergeCrafter is a new mobile free-to-play game; players merge and combine tons of items to heal lands, and help revive charming quest-giving characters. MergeCrafter has simulation favorites like crafting, quest completion, and land exploration while everything evolves, merge after merge. The ultimate goal of the game: players match and combine similar items to reveal bigger and better ones, with never-ending merging and discovery. Each player gets to choose their way to play, providing them with unique gameplay.

    Game Features
    • Merge. Match and combine 3 items to reach the next level, Merge 5 for a bonus. Grow an acorn into a sprout, to a sapling, into a tree.

    • Explore. Discover all the Biomes, journey through quests, survive dungeon adventures. Heal all the dark lands to restore and take back your world

    • Harvest. Chop trees for resources and treasures. Mine ores for Iron, Gold, and Diamond. Use a pickaxe on Stones that contain treasures.

    • Craft. Create and enchant your tools with resources gathered from merging and exploring.

    • Quest. Play through unique dungeons and complete quests. Help the friendly characters in their journeys and the fight against the Bandits.

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