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    Azur Lane: Crosswave overview trailer

    Publisher Compile Hearts has recently updated its website detailing further on Azur Lane: Crosswave with new characters and “Ryuu News’s” covering aspects of Ayanami in battle.

    Events and battles

    Smooth 360 -degree 3D shooter with multiple conversations and battles, the game highlights more aspects of the game such as:

    • Fully voiced scenarios and stories including sub-stories
    • More background music
    • Photo Mode is available at anytime
    • Multiple sub-stories with certain activation requirements being met
    • A total new original story for this franchise


    Additionally, the website confirms 2 new playable characters, support roles, and an enemy AI character ;

    2 New Playable characters

    • Portland (voiced by Kaori Yoshioka)
    • Cleveland (voiced by Saya Horigome)
    • Updated Z23 (voiced by Rika Abe)

    Enemy AI character:

    Secretary Ship / Combat Support Role characters


    Azur Lane: Crosswave will be releasing its torpedoes on PlayStation 4 in 2019 for Japan.


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