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    Astral Flux Follows Two Astronauts Rips Through Retro-Inspired Space

    Cosmocat Games and Studio VDS announced a new game titled Astral Flux taking aim to break new ground in the action rogue-lite genre by emphasizing exploration, strong worldbuilding, and atmosphere. The team is targeting a Steam (PC) release in the late Summer/early Fall of 2022.

    Source: Cosmocat

    About Astral Flux

    Two would-be astronauts and scrappers fumble their way through space, desperately searching for a way home.

    • Travel to the far reaches of distant dimensions

    • Explore ancient alien ruins

    • Come face to face with the terrifying beauty of otherworldly creatures

    • Upgrade your skills and abilities on the way

    • Twitchy retro-inspired gameplay

    • Randomized levels: no two runs are the same

    • Modern lighting and post-processing

    • Original soundtrack and sound design by contemporary electronic composer Snug

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