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    Aquatic sim-style tycoon, Megaquarium coming to consoles at last!

    Developer Twice Circled and publisher Auroch Digital is releasing Megaquarium for all current-gen consoles after the game’s success on Steam back in 2017. Check out the console release trailer below:


    Aquatic theme park design at your fingertips

    Since the game’s original PC release back in 2017, Megaquarium has been a hit for all lovers of rollercoaster tycoon and sim games. You can now take your designing creativity with you to the living room and onto the big screen as this game hits the consoles soon.

    Megaquarium gives an aquatic twist to an already addictive genre that we know and love. You are in charge of designing and managing your own underwater theme park of fishes and other sea creatures. Layout the aquariums to suit your customer needs and keep them happy, track your employee’s progress and manage how they work in order to keep your aquarium’s in tip top shape.

    Some features of the game:

    • Layout your tanks and equipment to optimise visitor flow while maintaining easy access for staff.
    • Discover the varied and demanding care requirements of a veritable ocean of aquatic livestock. Look after them well and they’ll grow, leading to stat increases.
    • Hire staff and direct them efficiently to maximise their specific skill sets. Pay attention to their personality traits and be careful not to upset them or they might leave.
    • Synergise your livestock and decoration choices to maximise your income.
    • Use your resources to unlock new equipment as well as new species of fish, crustacean and invertebrate life.
    • Avoid dangerous confrontations between your animals by selecting tank mates carefully.
    • After exploring all the fish available from the livestock merchant, it’s time to start breeding your best specimens together to create brand new species!

    Megaquarium has no official release date yet, possibly looking at a release anytime this year.

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