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    Lovecraftian horror adventure game, The Sinking City is floating for Switch release this coming September

    Now everyone can enjoy the Lovecraftian horror game on the go, with The Sinking City has anchored itself digitally via Nintendo eShop by developer Frogwares and publisher Bigben Interactive. Deluxe Edition will include “Worshipers of the Necronomicon” downloadable content which comprising of 3 brand-new quests.

    Here is the gameplay trailer below:

    Will you get mad in playing this via Joy-Con?

    Setting itself in the 1920s as a private detective finds himself in a city suffering from unprecedented floods with supernatural origins. Can he/you survive these ordeals of mystic powers or become mad yourself?

    Key Horror Features:

    • Feel the oppressive atmosphere and vast open world to be explored by foot, by boat, in a diving suit…
    • Untangle and solve cases in multiple ways with different endings unfold.
    • Use weapons from the 1920s to deal with nightmarish creatures.
    • All while maintaining your sanity.

    Previously released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 27, 2019, now brought into the surface with Switch version on September 12, 2019.

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