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    Anthem: Lost Arcanist Gameplay Video

    A new 15-minute Anthem gameplay video in high quality showcasing the mission “Lost Arcanist” featuring a 3 man fireteam team the Interceptor, Storm and Colossus javelins. This was the mission that was playable in last December’s Alpha Test. This video comes courtesy of IGN.


    Who is the Lost Arcanist?

    Your team will be tasked with rescuing an Arcanist named Mathias and it would seem that the players are given free reign how to approach this mission. Your team is able to fly around deep jungles, dive into waterfalls, and swamp areas while fighting off the aliens named “Scars”. The gameplay seems sprawling with endless actions, ending with what seems to be an easy boss fight called “Rust Reaver”.

    Anthem will be launching really soon on February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. As a reminder, a “VIP” demo for those that preordered with exclusive in-game items and for Origin Access subscribers will be able to run the demo at January 25 – 27. Followed up with an open demo on February 1-3 for everyone.

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