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    AniManGaki 2018 : Gear up for an RPG themed weekend!

    Event : AniManGaki 2018
    Venue : Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre
    Date : 18-19 August


    Yeap! You heard that right! The theme for Animangaki this year is Role Playing Game(RPG). This year marks Animangaki’s “Decade-versary”, and to celebrate it, what’s better than gearing up as our favourite RPG character. So cross this weekend off from your calendar, and join us at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre to celebrate Animangaki’s 10th Year Anniversary!

    For those who are unfamiliar, Animangaki is an annual animation, comics and games(ACG) event. It originally began as a varsity club formed by fans of ACG. Family and friends of Animangaki will all agree that it has come a long way since. Right now, Animangaki plays a big role in grooming the local talents in the ACG industry. In Animangaki, visitors will get to experience the ACG culture as a whole. From meeting and greeting key players of the industry to showcasing of talents, it’s all there. And the best part – it’s open to everyone! For more information including ticket details, visit their website at AniManGaki


    Animangaki 2018

    Event Floor Plan
    Doujin Booth Directory

    Animangaki this year will feature a huge line up of competitions for all talents in the industry, they’ve even a setup a battle royale for new talents to go up against past year winners. Besides the key competitions, there will be plenty of booths and exhibitions from industry leaders, mini games for visitors of ages, and an awesome line up of guests for stage performances.

    Catch a glimpse of your favourite cosplay idol! There are quite a number of them at this year’s AniManGaki event. Here, have a peek!


    Special Guests

    The special guest line up for Animangaki 2018 is HUGE!

    Here’s the list.

    • Donna Burke feat. Ganime Jazz (Singer/Musician) – Donna Burke is an Australian singer and voice actress based in Tokyo, Japan. Her works include titles like Metal Gear Solid, Tokyo Ghoul, God Eater, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to name a few. Ganime Jazz was formed in 2016, combined the free beauty of hazz with songs form the game and anime world.
    • Serg Loki Mirage (Cosplayer) – Hail from Russia, Serg has been highly notable for his portrait of several characters specifically for Thranduil from the Lord of the Ring Universe and Loki from Marvel’s Thor. He has won many cosplay competitions.
    • Moriyama Daisuke (Manga Artist) – A veteran comic artist from Japan. Best known for his work, Chrono Crusade series which was adapted into a 24-episode anime series by animation studio, Gonzo.
    • Chinnie (Cosplayer) – Chinnie is a Malaysian cosplayer who’s highly praised for her ability to portray characters realistically and her hard works in numerous cosplay projects.
    • Yugana Senshi Uon (Cosplayer) – Best known for her portrayals of scary characters, Yugana is no stranger to the cosplay community, this Malaysian cosplayer has been both a judge and guests at many events, local and abroad.
    • #kendylife (Cartoonist) – Born at Kota Kinabalu and raised in Sipitang, his childhood interest in art matured into a love of comic by his early twenties. He started outputting his keen observation skills and humour to use as a cartoonist and created #kendylife.
    • Rachelhofs (Illustrator) – Rachel is a talented artist from Sabah, currently living in Kuala Lumpur. She specialises in visual development and illustration for animated films. Her drawings are heavily influenced by sights she sees in her surroundings, like street wear fashion & movies, which she then translates into her current drawing style.
    • Keith (Cartoonist) – A Malaysian cartoonist best known for his work, Lawak Kampus.
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