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    AMG-Chan 2019 – Day 1 Completed – RM 200 Poorer – But Fun +10

    Well well well…
    AMG-Chan 2019 is finally here!
    And it gave the usually quiet Quill City Mall its badly needed spark of life as hordes of colourful ACG fans in figures and characters makes their way to the mall’s convention centre for the AMG-Chan 2019 event that runs from May 11-12.

    From the moment we arrived and parked our cars, until the point where we made it to level 5, we have seen 4 Narutos, 3 Kakashis, more than 10 Japanese schoolgirls, and some characters from My Hero Academia, all walking towards the same direction. When we finally arrived at level 6, where the convention centre is, we were greeted by the sight of a corridor filled with cosplayers and visitors chilling and greeting each other. What a warm sight for a sleepy Saturday morning, it was only 10.00 a.m when we arrived.


    Spacious Corridor!
    Yes, it is silly to talk about the corridor but let’s take a moment and talk about it anyway.

    The lovely corridor that is clean, spacious, carpeted, well lit, nicely air-conditioned, and is conveniently surrounded by clean white walls at the side which is great for photographs! Many cosplayers quickly took advantage of the said fine quality corridor and deployed their outfit and cosmetic preparations after finding a good seat, on the nicely carpeted floor. It never ceased to amaze me how a Phoenix could emerge from these cosplayers just doing their things on the floor. I really liked the corridor. 10/10 will go again.


    Event Halls!
    There’s more than one hall this time, one for Artists Booths and Exhibitors, the other for Stage Performances, Guest Artists Booths, and Gaming related activities. Here’s the floor plan again.

    As a result of this arrangement, those who would like to take their sweet time shopping at the Artists Booths and Exhibitors section can comfortably do so without worrying about the flow of traffic from those trying to watch the concert. Likewise, those who want to watch their idol performing don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic again. Win-win.


    [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”245″ gal_title=”AMG CHAN D1 EXH”]

    It is also because of this overly splendid arrangement that the organizer has successfully encouraged me to contribute to the Hall’s economy. I’ve spent RM 200 on this Day 1 alone, buying souvenirs and things I knew I don’t need but I still bought them anyway. Together with my team, we’ve spent at least RM 700 today. Luckily our parking tickets are validated, some money saved there <3.

    Though it is worth noting that the PA system is completely separated for the two halls. That being said, if you are in the other hall while a Concert is about to take place, you won’t be able to hear the announcement. We highly advise keeping track of the performance schedule and maybe set a reminder on your phone. Here’s the schedule again.


    Well, all in all…

    We had a great time attending and covering the event. The spacious corridor (my god the corridor) that enables all the mingling and giggling was really great to watch. Stepping into the treasured filled hall with so many different vendors and artists who are all so friendly and accommodating was a memorable experience.

    It was really nice meeting some familiar cosplayers that we’ve met before and getting to take their pictures again. Speaking of pictures, we’ll be uploading more soon (after we come back from Day 2 of the event) and finished editing them. As usual, the Cosplayer Photo Album will be published both here (on the website) and on our Facebook Page. Be sure to check in from time to time and tag yourself on the FB album once it’s live.

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