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    Sugardew Island – A New Cozy Farm Shop Adventure Game By rokaplay

    Rokaplay recently announced “Sugardew Island – Your Cozy Farm Shop,” a new video game that combines shop management and farming elements, set against the backdrop of a deserted island.
    Scheduled for a Q2 2024 release, the game promises to immerse players in the nurturing environment of Sugardew Island, a place previously known for its harmonious existence among humans, animals, and mystical Forest Folk.

    This harmony was disrupted due to greed and the endangerment of the sacred Harmony Tree. Players are tasked with revitalizing the island by managing a farm shop, caring for animals, and fulfilling orders from the Harmony Tree.


    The gameplay trailer released by rokaplay on March 5th offers a glimpse into the game’s engaging mechanics, which include farming, resource gathering, animal husbandry, and managing a farm shop.

    Players will also have the opportunity to name and interact with pet companions, contributing to the game’s cosy and inviting atmosphere.

    Paulina from rokaplay’s game design team expressed enthusiasm for inviting players into the tranquil world of ‘Sugardew Island,’ emphasizing the game’s focus on farming, community rebuilding, and interaction with animals.

    The game is set to launch on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PS5, with the final release date contingent on the success of its Kickstarter campaign launched simultaneously with the announcement.

    As of the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign has garnered $25,099 out of the $32,555 the studio is hoping for.

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