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    A poetic story driven 3D side-scrolling adventure with A Juggler’s Tale

    Publisher Mixtvision has partnered with student start-up kaleidoscube, announcing their debut hope-inspiring game called A Juggler’s Tale, set to release in 2021 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

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    Break free from strings

    Set in a marionette theater, this 3D side-scrolling adventure puts players in the shoes or strings of Abby the string puppet, a talented artist held captive at a circus. A Juggler’s Tale explores the string puppets’ relationship to the narrator named Jack while making clever use of the underlying puppet play principles in its puzzles.

    “We are extremely happy to be able to add another high-quality and meaningful title like ‘A Juggler’s Tale’ to our portfolio, and we look forward to working closely with the team of kaleidoscube. We believe the game has what it takes to become another indie hit”

    -Benjamin Feld, Director of Games Publishing at Mixtvision

    “For us as a student-founded startup, working with a publisher like Mixtvision on our game is a dream come true. Their way of thinking about storydriven games fits perfectly with our vision and we really look forward to the upcoming months”

    -Dominik Schön, Managing Director of kaleidoscube


    Key Features:

    • Puzzles using the unique string puppet gameplay mechanics
    • An intense story of hope and empowerment
    • A unique, visually impressive game environment that blurs the boundary between puppet theater and “reality”
    • A beautiful and grim fairy tale world
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