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    Mobile/Switch : Pokémon Quest Recipe Guide

    There are only two ways to expand your team in Pokémon Quest for now. One, is to wait for a new Pokémon to visit your camp on a 22 hour cycle, OR whip up some chowder to bait them in as your buddy!

    And in this post, we’ve prepared for you a list of possible recipes in Pokémon Quest and the respective Pokémons attracted to those recipes


    There are a total of four different type of pots, and each will be unlocked as you proceed through the expeditions. Each pot requires a different amount of ingredients per cooking slot and the level of Pokémon attracted by each pot is different.

    Pot TypeCompleteIngredients/SlotAttracted Pokémon Level
    IronTutorial31 – 15
    BronzeBackforth Brook1015 – 40
    SilverPincushion Plain1540 – 70
    GoldChamber of Legends2070 Onwards


    Tiny MushroomRedSoft, Small
    Big RootRedSoft, Big, Plant
    Bluk BerryBlueSoft, Small, Sweet
    Icy RockBlueHard, Mineral
    ApricornYellowHard, Small
    HoneyYellowSoft, Sweet
    FossilGreyHard, Small, Mineral
    Balm MushroomGreySoft
    Rainbow MatterAll ColoursSubstitute ingredient for all recipes
    Mystical ShellN/AMystical (*hint : mewtwo* )


    Recipe NamePokémon TypeSample RecipeIngredient Description
    Mulligan StewRandomSeriously, just randomly toss anything inside.Whatever ingredients you like.
    Red StewRedAny combination of Red ingredientsA whole lot of red.
    Blue SodaBlueAny combination of Blue ingredientsA whole lot of blue.
    Yellow CurryYellowAny combination of Yellow ingredientsA whole lot of yellow.
    Grey PorridgeGreyAny combination of Grey ingredientsA whole lot of grey.
    Mouth-watering DipWaterBluk Berry x 3, Honey x 1, Apricorn x 1A whole lot of soft things and a lot of blue.
    Plain CrepeNormalBluk Berry x 3, Fossil x 2A lot of sweet things and a few grey.
    Sludge SoupPoisonBalm Mushroom x 2, Tiny Mushroom x 2, Bluk Berry x 1A whole lot of mushrooms and a lot of soft things.
    Mud PieGroundFossil x 2, Tiny Mushroom x 3A few minerals and a lot of soft things.
    Veggie SmoothieGrassApricorn x 2,  Tiny Mushroom x 1, Big Root x 2A whole lot of plants and a few soft things.
    Honey NectarBugBluk Berry x 2, Honey x 3A whole lot of sweet things and a lot of yellow.
    Brain FoodPsychicApricorn x 2, Bluk Berry x 2, Honey x 1A lot of sweet things and a few hard things.
    Stone SoupRockFossil x 3, Apricorn x 2A whole lot of hard things and a few minerals.
    Light-as-Air CasseroleFlyingBig Root x 2, Fossil x 3A lot of minerals and a few plants.
    Hot PotFireHoney x 2, Tiny Mushroom x 3A lot of mushrooms and a little red.
    Watt a RisottaElectricApricorn x 1, Tiny Mushroom x 2, Honey x 2A whole lot of soft things and a lot of yellow.
    Get Swole SyrupFightingBluk Berry x 2, Tiny Mushroom x 2, Honey x 1A lot of sweet things and a few mushrooms.
    Ambrosia of LegendsRareMystical Shell x 5A whole lot of mystical things.

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