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    7 Useful Things The Galaxy AI Can Do To Improve Your S24 Mobile Experiences

    In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series emerges as a beacon of innovation, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). This flagship device is not just a step forward in hardware but a giant leap with the built-in ‘Galaxy AI’ driven functionalities designed to enrich users’ experience in both a practical and meaningful manner.

    The good news for those planning to get the new S24 is that no matter which one you decide to get – S24, S24+, or S24 Ultra, all 3 models come shipped with the Galaxy AI onboard. We unboxed and reviewed the Galaxy S24+ a few days ago, talking about the phone’s overall performance and how the AI experience proved to be more than just marketing gimmicks. But here, we’ll delve exclusively into the AI portion, offering a glimpse into a future where your phone is more than a tool—it’s an intelligent companion.

    And so;

    Here are the 7 useful things the Galaxy AI can do to improve your mobile experience.

    No. 1 – Revolutionizing Communication: Call Assist, the real-time call translation

    Among the most transformative AI features of the Galaxy S24 series is its real-time call translation capability named Call Assist, a true game-changer in global communication. Imagine conversing effortlessly in your native language while the person on the other end hears everything in their own tongue—and vice versa.

    This seamless exchange is made possible by the series’ advanced AI, which translates spoken words in real-time during calls. The phone supports an impressive array of 14 languages, including widely spoken ones like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, German, and French. The Bahasa Malaysia is not currently supported, but here’s hoping it’ll be added soon.

    Before leveraging this groundbreaking function, users are required to download the necessary language packs. These packs are remarkably compact, ensuring they don’t burden your device’s storage— the German language pack, for instance, occupies a mere 400 MB, while the Chinese pack requires 505 MB. It’s a small price to pay for the ability to bridge language barriers with ease.

    Users should note, however, that the translations, while generally accurate, can occasionally deliver amusing results. It’s advisable to inform the person on the other end that you’re using a translation service, to account for any potential inaccuracies or misinterpretations.

    No. 2 – Navigating New Languages with Ease: The Real-Time Speech Interpreter

    Expanding on the AI’s linguistic prowess, the Galaxy S24 series also serves as an on-demand interpreter, a feature that’s particularly invaluable for tourists and language learners alike. Utilizing the same cutting-edge technology that powers real-time call translation, this device can interpret spoken language in real-time, effectively breaking down language barriers in face-to-face conversations.

    Whether you’re navigating a bustling market in a foreign country, attending an international conference, or simply practising a new language with friends, the phone stands ready as your personal interpreter. This capability extends beyond mere convenience; it fosters deeper connections and understanding across different cultures and languages, making every interaction enriching and accessible.

    No. 3 – Seamless Text Translation with Samsung Keyboard

    The AI capabilities of this new Galaxy device extend to written communication as well, thanks to the Samsung Keyboard’s integrated translation feature. Once the requisite language pack is installed, users can effortlessly translate their typed messages into a plethora of languages right before their eyes. This function is particularly handy for sending messages to friends, family, or colleagues across the globe, ensuring that language is never a barrier to communication.

    To activate this feature, users tap the translation icon on the keyboard, select the desired languages, and watch as their text is instantly translated. The practicality of this feature was evident during tests on various messaging platforms. For instance, while using Telegram, sending translated messages was a breeze, although translating incoming messages required a manual copy-paste into the translation box—a minor inconvenience. However, on WhatsApp, the experience was notably smoother. The app automatically prompts translation for incoming messages in foreign languages, making the exchange virtually seamless.

    No. 4 – AI-Assisted Keyboard: Your Personal Writing Assistant

    The new S24 series further redefines the art of communication with its AI-assisted keyboard, a feature designed to make every message you send feel effortlessly perfect. Whether drafting an email, responding to a text, or updating social media, the AI keyboard is your co-pilot, suggesting drafts tailored to the tone you wish to convey—be it professional, casual, polite, or even trendily emojified.

    This intelligent keyboard goes beyond mere suggestions; it has an option where you can get it to check your spelling and grammar, ensuring your message is both clear and error-free, all while maintaining your original tone. With a variety of styles at your fingertips, the AI allows you to focus on expressing your thoughts, leaving the nuances of delivery to it. And with the convenience of directly inserting the chosen draft into your message box, the process is as seamless as it is intuitive.

    No. 5 – Revolutionizing Note-Taking with AI-powered Transcription

    The phone takes productivity to new heights with its Voice Recorder App, equipped with AI that can transcribe spoken words into text and succinctly summarize key conversation points. This feature is a boon for journalists, students, and professionals who frequently record interviews, lectures, or meetings. The AI’s ability to differentiate between speakers adds a layer of clarity to the transcriptions, making it easier to follow who said what during a discussion.

    While the transcription service is impressive, it’s worth noting that it’s not without its limitations. Like any AI-driven technology, it can occasionally misinterpret words or “fill in the blanks” when it encounters unclear speech. Despite these occasional inaccuracies, the overall utility of the feature is undeniable. The ability to quickly obtain a written summary of a recording is a game-changer, especially for reporters and anyone who values efficient, accurate documentation of verbal exchanges.

    No. 6 – Exploring the World Through AI-Powered Image Search

    The power of AI transforms the way we interact with the world around us, particularly through images. Imagine visiting a new place, capturing a photo of an interesting object, and wanting to know more about it. The S24’s AI makes this as simple as holding down the home button and drawing a circle around the object of interest on your screen. The AI then springs into action, conducting a Google search to bring you information about the object, from historical details to purchasing options.

    This feature was put to the test with a search for a Tanjiro figurine, and the results were impressively accurate, offering not only information about the figurine but also links to where it could be purchased. This functionality is a boon for savvy shoppers and curious minds alike, providing a seamless bridge between the physical world and the vast resources of the internet. Whether you’re looking to compare prices in a retail shop or simply satisfy your curiosity about a newfound object, the device’s AI-driven image search offers a convenient solution.

    No. 7 – Creative Freedom with AI-Powered Camera Editing

    The Galaxy S24 series camera’s AI extends its brilliance beyond traditional image enhancement, offering users a playground for creativity with its object removal and relocation abilities. This feature allows for the playful rearrangement or complete removal of elements within photos, opening up new possibilities for personalized imaging.

    An experiment with figurines demonstrated the AI’s capabilities and its quirky charm. Positioning two figurines side by side, I selected and shifted one figurine further to the right. While the AI’s execution showed traces of the original position, the overall effect was commendable. Taking the experiment further by attempting to remove a figurine altogether led to an amusing outcome, with the AI substituting the space with an unexpected replacement on its first attempt. It’s a testament to the AI’s learning curve, which successfully perfected the task on a subsequent try.

    As we wrap up our exploration of the Galaxy AI’s capabilities within the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, it’s clear that these features are not just technological advancements; they represent a shift towards a more intuitive, seamless, and personalized mobile experience.

    From breaking down language barriers with real-time translation to transforming the way we take notes and interact with images, the Galaxy AI stands as a testament to Samsung’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

    The Galaxy S24 series, with its AI-driven functionalities, redefines what we can expect from our smartphones. It’s not just about the hardware or the sleek design; it’s about how the device can adapt to our lives, making everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a traveller, a professional, or someone who loves to stay connected and creative, the Galaxy AI-equipped S24 series offers something for everyone.

    As we look forward to the future of mobile technology, one thing is certain: the integration of AI in our devices will continue to evolve, bringing even more possibilities and conveniences into our hands. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is just the beginning, a glimpse into a future where our smartphones are not just smart in name but truly intelligent companions that understand and anticipate our needs.

    In embracing the Galaxy S24 series, it feels like one is not just choosing a phone; but is choosing a partner that speaks their language, understands their needs, and empowers them to do more with less effort. The journey with Galaxy AI is just starting, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us next.


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