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    Play the Dungeonborne Demo During Steam Next Fest, Check Out The Teasers and Trailers Here.

    Mark the calendar on February 2nd because that’s the day you can step into the world of Dungeonborne for the very first time. Mithril Interactive will be inviting players to their first public playtest. Checkout below for details and multiple teasers below:

    Details as shared on Steam:

    Dungeonborne is an immersive first-person PvPvE dungeon crawler. Venture solo or join forces with trusted companions to hunt for treasure, explore ominous dungeons, and battle terrifying monsters and cunning adversaries.

    Escape before succumbing to darkness and greed.

    Survive the Dungeons

    Delve deep into the treacherous corridors of Clouseau Castle on a solo venture, or brave the multi-floored Sinner’s End with up to two allies. Discover hoards of priceless artifacts and defeat the monsters that guard them. Then lead your party to safety, before these walls become your tomb.

    Forge your Legend

    Embrace your role as a Fighter, Priest, Rogue, Swordmaster, Pyromancer, Cryomancer, or Death Knight. With first-person clarity, feel the power of each spell, the heft of your weapons, and the strategic weight of every decision.

    Charge into battle, unleash devastating skills to break enemy formations, cast lifesaving buffs on allies, or use tactical throwables to turn the tides. Dungeonborne blends the immediacy of first-person action with the depth of RPG strategy for an unparalleled experience.

    Dynamic, Visceral Combat

    Engage in a dance of steel and sorcery with ten unique weapon pairings that bring a fluid, back-and-forth action combat experience. Parry, block, and riposte in a high-stakes fight where skill determines the victor.

    Buildcrafting and Trading

    Discover equipment with random affixes and corruptions, enhance your gear with gem socketing, trade items in a user-friendly auction house, and hunt for over 40 legendary and unique items with epic effects designed to help you sculpt the ultimate build.

    Arena and More to Come

    Enter the fray in the competitive 3v3 Arena. Challenge other adventurers, revel in the excitement of combat, and strategize to claim victory—all without the risk of losing your equipment. Keep in mind that this is merely the beginning. Stay tuned for a wealth of fresh content and gameplay innovations as they strive to enhance and evolve the ultimate dungeon-crawling adventure.

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