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    Discover How You Can Make Changes For A Meaningful Impact On Our Environment When You Purchase Samsung TV

    Samsung is innovating for a better world, where technology exists together with people and for the planet. Through commitments that re-energize our environmental progress to innovations tailored to your unique lifestyle, Samsung is envisioning a future where sustainability anchors innovation and products are customized and connected for every experience.

    In Samsung, they want their fans to purchase from a brand that shares similar fundamentals and values as they do, and with their SolarCell Remote Control and Eco-Packaging, they believe they can provide their customers with a new experience that considers the environment as an important way to express themselves.

    When consumers buy a Samsung product, They should feel confident that they’re not only experiencing Samsung’s cutting-edge technology and eco-innovation advances, but they are also making it easy for them to repair, refurbish and recycle their products as well.


    Get Creative With Samsung Eco-Packaging And Save The Environment

    In 2020, Samsung Electronics introduced eco-friendly packaging across its Lifestyle TV product portfolio in efforts to reduce the environmental footprint which have won the CES 2020 Innovation Awards for its concept for promoting the efficient use of resources.

    Samsung Eco-Packaging is a box specifically designed to be repurposed and recycled. It is made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard where buyers can upcycle or turn the cardboard into magazine racks, build cat houses, and even shelves and furniture to store household items and electronic devices, including the remote control. This year, their eco-packaging uses 90% less ink than before by minimizing text and graphics plus eliminating all staples. With these efforts, they can decrease the amount of waste and make it easier for recycling centers to process.

    The Eco-Packaging are applied to The Serif, The Frame and The Sero and it will be included in a wider range of home appliances in future as part of Samsung’s commitment to eliminate all single-use plastics in mobile packaging by 2025.


    Reducing Disposable Battery Waste With Samsung’s Solar Cell Remote Control

    Every year, around 15 billion batteries are used worldwide – but only 2% of these end up being recycled. In order to find a way to help mitigate this growing environmental issue, Samsung Electronics has developed the innovative solar cell-powered remote control for its TV products, which is now 88% more efficient than the 2020 models.

    As part of Samsung’s efforts towards creating eco-conscious products and services across all areas of its business operations, the Samsung TV’s solar cell-powered remote control is powered by lighting instead of conventional disposable batteries and can be recharged using sunlight, indoor lighting or USB.

    Samsung new owners can get their hands on the SolarCell Remote Control when they purchase product ranges from Neo QLED, QLED, Crystal UHD, The Frame, The Serif and The Sero in Malaysia.

    Samsung Electronics strives to incorporate environmental sustainability into everything they do. Their products are thoughtfully designed to minimize the impact on the environment during their entire lifecycle – from planning and manufacturing to consumption and recycling.

    To explore more about Samsung’s responsible recycling programs and innovative sustainability efforts, please visit

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