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    Hitbox Gaming Raya Mini Tekken 7 Tournament

    Hari Raya Celebration Tekken Style

    Our bunny team representative Alex in action

    We stopped by for the second time in Hitbox Gaming SS 15 Subang Jaya again on 15th July 2017 (Saturday) as they are holding a mini Raya Tekken 7 tournament event.

    Briefing session taking place before the matches

    The event itself has a mini food session, casual spar sessions and the tournament itself. Although there were no main prizes other than the recognition plaque; the event focuses more on bringing together old and new Tekken players as a casual meet up, greet, spar and shake hands.

    Group photo of the attendees and participants of the event.

    As the event reached the semi-finals and finals, the gameplay between contenders was referred as intense jaw dropping, glass breaking, and cringing experience. This is because of the contender’s way of adapting to each other’s move set and predictability instantly; juggling into conversion to earn the winning title. Everyone cheered and clapped astoundingly loudly at the end of the finals.

    flightfeather receiving his trophy for being 2nd Runner-Up
    Ashinomori the 1st Runner-Up
    Jackson aka Armageddon (FV GTM) taking the Champion Trophy
    From the left, the winning contenders flightfeather, Jackson and Ashinomori

    The winner announced at the end of the day as per following:

    Champion: Jackson aka Armageddon (FV GTM)

    1st Runner Up: Ashinomori

    2nd Runner Up: Flightfeather

    He is actually very shy, introvert but no choice, have to go out to buy games. He likes food and food likes him. He somehow manage to find a job with the right time accommodate to gaming. He has a very short attention span, therefore has to finish a game fast or else a simple pun can distract him for the entire day. Yes a Pun, he loves puns as much as he loves games; easily distracted, whichever comes next.

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