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    Destiny 2 Beta Early Access For Asia players

    No Pre-order required

    Well Destiny 2 Beta is this week and Asia player may not know that they have early access. Here are the following times for when the beta servers turn on.

    • Destiny 2 PS4 Beta early access start time – July 19th, 1AM (GMT+8) – Available for all Asia PS4 players (Pre-orders needed only for other region accounts)
    • Destiny 2 Beta end time for all players on consoles – July 24th, 12PM (GMT+8)

    As you can see, Destiny 2 Beta for Asia PSN owners will start from July 19th till July 24th. No pre-order required. So what are you waiting for. You have 1 more day to download the beta and those without PSN Plus can still enjoy the Story Mode at least. See you soon Guardians.

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