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    E3 @ 2019 – The Chinese Cousin of Rocket League, ‘Super Buckyball Tournament’, Making Its Debut At E3 This Year.

    Pathea Games (Known for My Time at Portia) has announced that they are bringing their new multiplayer sports game, Super Buckyball Tournament, to the E3 this year.
    Their previous game, My Time at Portia enjoyed great success at last year’s E3 after featuring in Publisher, Team 17’s booth. This year marks the Chinese Indie Developer having their own exhibition in the E3 for the first time.

    Rocket League’s Chinese Cousin.
    Super Buckyball Tournament is inspired by Arms, Super Mario Kart, and Rocket League. It is a physics-based multiplayer sports game featuring characters with unique and flashy skill sets. The game takes place in a cyberpunk world where the sport of buckyball is the thing.

    Psyonix should totally borrow this map. I’m serious.

    Players could try out the Super Buckyball Tournament demo at booth 2546 near the Capcom booth in the South Exhibit Hall at E3.

    When you Mix Shaolin Soccer with Rocket League, what do you get? Super Buckyball Tournament.

    Wanna try it out?
    Super Buckyball Tournament is scheduled for a public alpha test this summer, join SBT Discord to get the chance to play the alpha build:

    Super Buckyball Tournament is scheduled to release via PC Early Access in late 2019. There’s no word for Console Release yet.

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