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    E3 @ 2019 – GreedFall E3’s Story Trailer Up and Running.

    Developer Spiders (Known for The Technomancer) has shown a new trailer to their upcoming Action RPG game, GreedFall.

    Titled the GridFall E3 Story Trailer, the video offers a glimpse into the world of GreedFall, set in a fantasy styled 17th Century world where settlers, mercenaries, and adventurers take on the challenge of leaving the ancient continent behind to enter a new world of magic and alien creatures.

    In GreedFall, players seek to find a cure to save the ancient continent from a devastating disease. Players find themselves in the midst of ever-increasing tensions between the newly arrived adventurers and the natives who are protected by supernatural guardians.

    Whether by way of combat, means of diplomacy or deception, players are free to choose their means of approach in order to reach their goals.

    Players can choose from numerous tasks and solve them in many ways. Whether in combat, with diplomacy or deception, the way players reach their goals,

    GreedFall releases this coming September on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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