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    My Time At Sandrock Now on Xbox Game Pass – Launches with New Cross-Platform Multiplayer Mode

    PM Studios and Pathea Games are delighted to announce that the critically and commercially acclaimed life sim, My Time At Sandrock is now available with Xbox Game Pass.

    About The Game

    My Time at Sandrock is a wholesome sandbox life sim where exciting Wild West adventure meets the joy of building! Explore a landscape full of engaging characters, adventure and peril while you transform the town of Sandrock in any way you see fit and cherish the bonds you make along the way.

    To help commemorate this occasion, Pathea, and PM Studios have also launched new cross-platform multiplayer support for My Time At Sandrock.

    Starting now, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC players will be able to fight, build, farm, fish, and terraform together in a dedicated co-op sandbox mode.

    This mode is separate from the single-player campaign and allows four players to play the game together in a special town instance located on a dedicated server which saves progress even after the host goes offline.

    My Time At Sandrock’s brief feature summary

    • Celebrated Sequel in a Beloved Franchise
      My Time at Sandrock is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the acclaimed My Time at Portia, offering an enriched gaming experience, this time with the added excitement of cooperative multiplayer gameplay.

    • Welcome to your new home
      Save a town on the brink of collapse, restore it to its former glory, and reap an incredible sense of accomplishment. In this captivating open-world adventure, players can customize their character, upgrade their workshop, explore the vast open world, and build strong relationships with the charming residents of Sandrock.

    • Engaging Quests and Colorful Characters
      Embark on an exciting adventure with hundreds of engaging quests and interact with over 30 endearing characters, each with their own fascinating backstories and stories to share. Engage in challenging mini-games, offer gifts, and build strong relationships that shape the narrative of your adventure. Start a family with an NPC of your choice and raise your little one to be Sandrock’s next great builder!

    • Build, Craft, and Customize
      Gather resources to create and expand your plot of land, create machines, grow crops, raise animals, and sell your goods to the highest bidder. Customize your character and workshop to reflect your unique style and preferences.

    • Cross-Platform Multiplayer
      Join forces with up to four friends in an online multiplayer mode, collaborating to unleash your creativity, fight monsters, or simply enjoy the game together. The cooperative experience enhances the joy of every little moment in the game. Multiplayer mode is currently available on Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S and will launch for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms later this summer.

    My Time at Sandrock is available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Store, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platforms and is regularly updated with new content, events and more for players to enjoy.

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