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    E3 2017: Microsoft & Xbox Press Conference News & Updates


    Microsoft’s E3 press conference was packed with news and announcements on its hardware and games, with the biggest being Xbox One X.


    First, Forza Motorsport 7 has officially been announced for Xbox and Windows 10. A Porsche was shown on stage as well as in-game. The game looks amazing with its native 4k resolution at 60fps and dynamic weather system. Launches October 3.


    NExt, METRO Exodus was shown for the Xbox and Windows 10. There was mutated animals with great set pieces. It looked great. Releases in 2018.


    Assassin’s Creed Origins was shown during the Microsoft conference. This time it’s based at Egypt. It will run in 4K UHD and HDR on the Xbox One X. October 27.


    Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is making the leap from PC to Xbox systems. It will be an Xbox family exclusive with a Xbox One X enhancement. It will be released late 2017


    Next Deep Rock Galactic is announced as a console launch exclusive for the Xbox family and is Xbox One X enhanced. It looks like a co-op shooter where you are against some kind of insectoid creatures.


    Moving on, state of Decay 2 is confirmed as an Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive with enhancement for the Xbox One X. It will arrive Spring 2018.


    The Darwin Project is an console launch exclusive to the Xbox family. Sadly there was no release date announced.


    Minecraft is getting unified servers across all Xbox, Switch, mobile, and PC systems except Sony. A 4K update will launch this fall for 4K systems. A new look called the Super Duper Graphics pack will also launch this fall.


    Next is an 2.5D fighter from  Arc Systems, Dragon Ball Fighters Z. THough it is not a console exclusive, it will be enhanced for the Xbox One X. Fan will be happy when it launches early 2018.


    One of the most famous MMORPG for it character creation is making it way to console. Black Desert is an Xbox One Console launch exclusive and it will releases early 2018.


    The Last Night is a cool stylized futuresque sci-fi game. A unique take on HD pixel art, set in a post-cyberpunk world. It will be a Xbox One Console launch exclusive and Xbox One X enhanced.


    The Artful Escape is another stylized 2D game with guitar platforming. Xbox One Console launch exclusive and Xbox One X enhanced.


    Code Vein was shown to be an Xbox One Console launch exclusive and Xbox One X enhanced game. It seems to be a monster fighting/apocalyptic game from Bandai Namco. Anime styled Dark Souls Coming in 2018.


    Sea of Thieves received a new game demo with underwater gameplay that was shown. Solving treasure riddles, fighting the dead, ship fights, and crazy weather. All in a pirate’s life. It is Xbox exclusive and Xbox One X enhanced. Coming early 2018.


    Tacoma from Fullbright was announced as an Xbox One Console launch exclusive and Xbox One X enhanced. Available August 2.


    Super Lucky’s Tale had its world premiere on Xbox and is an Xbox One Console launch exclusive and Xbox One X enhanced. Seems like a fun 3D platformer adventure game. Available on November 7.


    Cuphead makes its artful return and confirms it is an Xbox One Console launch exclusive and Xbox One X enhanced. Available on September 29.


    Crackdown 3 finally returns with a great intro by Terry Crews. Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Xbox One X enhanced and will be available November 7.


    A video montage for ID@Xbox showed Osiris New Dawn, Raiders of the Broken Planet, Unruly Heroes, Path of Exile, Battlerite, Surviving Mars, Fable Fortune, >OBSERVER_, Robocraft Infinity, Dunk Lords, Minion Masters, Brawlout, Ooblets, Dark and Light, Stange Brigade, Riverbond, Hello Neighbor, Shift, and Conan Exiles are coming to Xbox systems and 4k enhanced.


    Ashen from Aurora 44 is an Xbox One Console launch exclusive and Xbox One X enhanced. From the stylized graphics to the desolate nature of the story, it looks great.


    Life is Strange: Before the Storm had its world premiere at the Microsoft conference and is Xbox One X enhanced. Episode one will be available August 31.


    Middle-earth: Shadow of War had a gameplay demo on the Xbox One. It is Xbox One X enhanced. It showed more about the genesis system in action and an assault on a fortress. I like Bruz the Chopper and his personality. Available October 10.


    Ori and the Will of the Wisp was officially announced for the Xbox One and Windows 10 as an exclusive. The game is just downright gorgeous, and the music focus was excellent. It is Xbox One X enhanced.


    Next, Xbox Backwards compatibility has been expanded to include the original Xbox console library of games. Crimson Skies was confirmed to be an available title.


    Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct, Halo Was 2, and Minecraft will get 4k Xbox One X updates. Also over 30 additional titles from third parties including Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil 7, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Rocket League.


    Finally after yesterdays EA conference, gameplay footage of Anthem was shown. The game is breath taking. It is a mix of classic Bioware story systems, Iron Man exo suits, and a vast open world. It will also support Xbox One X enhancement.


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