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    Yoshi’s Crafted World available now on Nintendo Switch

    Yoshi’s Crafted World a game developed by Good-Feel and published by Nintendo is available now on Nintendo Switch for $59.99 (Approx RM244 ). Yoshi’s Crafted World was first revealed at E3 2017. The game features a side scrolling adventure game where Kamek and Baby Bowser tries to steal a Sundream Stone which possesses the power to “make anyone’s wildest dreams come true”, leaving Yoshi and his friends to recover them.


    • Explore each stage and then find even more secrets by making your way through the stage backwards on the flip side!
    • Overcome varied enemies and obstacles, like Zombie Guys, Skelesaurus, Ukiki, and Monty Mole as you seek out hidden collectables
    • Pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend for 2-player cooperative exploration
    • Clad Yoshi in collectable, protective, handicraft costumes as he makes his way through each stage

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