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    Yo-kai Watch 4- Third Trailer

    A game about haunting cuteness, Level-5 introduces the 3rd trailer for its upcoming game Yo-kai Watch 4 also simultaneously revealing the official Japanese subtitle; Bokura ha Onaji Sora wo Miageteiru (We’re Looking Up at the Same Sky). Title may differ/change in English content if it comes up.



    Elements showcased in the trailer:

    • The interaction the main character Keita has in exploring the town on foot or on a bicycle, NPC interactions, hunting unknown spirits plaguing NPC thoughts.
    • Battle in full 3D elements like the first Nino Kuni, commanding 3 other spirits in battle
    • Control more characters other than Keita with 4 worlds crossover


    A leak was made by Monthly CoroCoro Comic earlier this week that the game will be launching for Nintendo Switch on June 6, 2019, for 5,980 yen (equivalent to 219.08 MYR). The anime series is also available in Netflix for those interested.


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