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    WWII Tactics Game War Mongrels Launches On Consoles And Apple Products

    War Mongrels, a brutal and authentic isometric real-time tactics game from Destructive Creations, follows its PC version with the release on PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4) in Europe and the Americas, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as on iPads and Macs. War Mongrels will run natively on iPad and Mac, and both ports have been realized thanks to the experienced porting company, Virtual Programming Ltd.

    Since its original PC release, War Mongrels has been praised by many for its historically accurate depiction of the lesser-known part of World War II, the Eastern Front, as opposed to the usually portrayed events in the West. Furthermore, players have been complimenting its gameplay, true to the classics of the RTT genre, as well as the visuals and its grim, realistic atmosphere.

    About War Mongrels

    Following a defection from the Third Reich, a group of disillusioned fugitives struggles to survive the brutal ordeals on the Eastern Front of World War II. As they sneak through the war-torn territory, they have to face an evil that challenges not only their values and ideals, but all of humanity.

    War Mongrels mixes dynamic, tactical elements, adventure, and stealth, tightly packing it all into a dark, fascinating story.

    • Guide the squad as they break from the Third Reich’s forces and get to know your companions. Each character has their own personality, background, and skills to use along the journey.
    • Use the interactive environment to your advantage, utilizing distraction tactics by whistling, playing music boxes, or throwing objects before progressing through enemy lines, guard barracks, prison blocks, as well as concentration camps and mass graves that stand as a testament to the horrific cost of war.
    • Catch soldiers unaware, ambushing them from the shadows with strategic flanks and an array of character skills or rush in guns blazing, utilizing twin-stick shooter controls as bullets fly across the battlefield.
    • Plan your attacks by pausing the action and issuing orders to each squad member, allowing for tactical assaults when the enemy least expects them.
    • Join forces with a friend in an online co-op mode (in PC and console versions).

    Discover an oft-untold side of World War II throughout War Mongrels’ harrowing campaign. Accompanying the visceral action are animated cutscenes expanding the story, inspired by real-world accounts from war survivors and historians. By striving for authenticity from uniform details, regional terrain, news articles, and everything in between, developer Destructive Creations aims to shine a light on aspects of World War II that rarely make the history books. All content in War Mongrels underwent careful and thorough examination, referencing a wide range of historical sources, with verification by history consultants Michał Flont, Jack Cuccurullo, and backed by independent historians worldwide.

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