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    World War Toons! An absolutely beautiful and artistic trailer

    I never thought I’d do a review just based on what I saw on trailers but this trailer here just gave me a reason to make an exception and for very good reasons.

    I kid you not, I must have replayed this video with my wife beside me like 4 times at least. If you asked me before today , “Which is the most creative and attractive Video Game trailer you have seen in these couple of years?” , I’d probably say Magicka 2 and that is until tonight, when something else captured my attention.

    Check this out and you will understand what I mean.

    Now now, what you just heard in the trailer wasn’t just any rhythmic grumble desperately trying to sell you their game. What you just heard was a brilliant piece of artistic work , successfully expressing their game by using “The Barber Of Seville’s Largo Al Factotum also known as “Figaro ” in their music arrangement.

    The amazing thing is , they managed to put in their own words into the song to promote their game and yet everything still appeared perfectly and not the slightest tone of awkwardness exist (In my opinion anyway).

    Another good performance of the Largo Al Factotum from The Barbre Of Seville by Prince Poppycock

    Conclusion !
    That Opera piece, plus the visual ~! simply perfect. I salute those who came out with this idea and this piece of beauty have definitely put World War Toons on my radar! Even my wife said “You gotta buy this” . Oh yes I will, and I will be looking forward to see if they could deliver their game at the level of quality as they did with their trailer.

    I have never felt so entertained watching a Video Game Trailer before. Excited? Yes, I felt that many times before. Impressed? Yes, that too. But Entertained?? Nope, not at this level.

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