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    Review : Need For Speed

    Look, if you are really curious about this game but not in a hurry to get it, then I’d suggest you wait and get a second hand copy. I imagine many NFS owner will be willing to sell it off soon. EA showed some really good game footage in their trailers and you may have watched some gameplay videos on YouTube or Twitch channels too and the good news is, they are all real. The good parts that they showed are all real, no touch up, no cover ups. But the bad news is, well thats all. Those things you saw, are all the game has to offer. There are no surprises inside, no unpredictable elements, few hours into the game and you may ask yourself like I did “So..thats all?”

    Lets start of with the good stuffs first. First of all, the graphic looks absolutely amazing and this is on the Playstation 4 I’m talking about. Dynamic weather changes, all looks good and well. Visually, cars look realistic too! You will find yourself drowned in time, just feasting your eyes on every sexy curve and angle of your favorite ride. I caught myself spending most of my time free roaming just to find a good spot with the right Light under the street lights just to snap some shots of my baby.

    NFS-10Good graphics really, you are provided with a snapshot tool which will snap SS with the UI turned off automatically, however the camera navigation feels somewhat uncomfortable and unfriendly

    There are always activities to be explored , they are highlighted all over the map. You can do most of them repeatedly but probably won’t since the rewards are a turn off, except if you are the type who tries to beat every single record on the SpeedWall or if you find one which gives you a worthy amount of reward to keep grinding on. There are several NPCs in the game who constantly gives you quest and for those who are lazy to drive all the way from point to point just to get these quest, there is a good news for you. There is a teleport mode where you can just teleport to any point where activities and quest are available.

    EA also gives you daily challenges in which you can complete everyday to earn some cash and Rep points. In conclusion, yes there are many things for you to do in there, this game is appealing enough for quest junkies. Won’t matter if your motivation is to grind on them to earn cash, to beat the speedwall, to perfect your driving skills, car testing or anything else. The choice is yours to do it or not. There are no level restrictions in purchasing vehicles, so it is safe to say, you can get some good rides in the early stage of the game provided you grind enough to buy it. The only thing the level restrict you is the Parts Modification. You need levels to unlock higher tier parts.

    Visual customization though, is COMPLETELY and ABSOLUTELY , FREEEE. No level restriction, doesn’t even consume your cash. Go ahead and knock yourself out with the artwork !


    Marky’s Ride with the BunnyTeam words visible <3

    Okay nuff cotton candy talk, here comes the WHINE HAMMER.

    Npc contacts you via an in-game phone. Everytime they call you the ringtone beeps, there are absolutely no way for you to mute it. You can only pick it up and hang up immediately if you want. This shouldn’t be a problem, unless they KEPT CALLING you over and over again for the stupidest reasons ever. Most of the things they say don’t even make sense to the game. If you quit the game and come back in with some missions left untouched, those NPC involved in those missions will call you again everytime you login. Come on EA, how difficult is it to put a mute function ?!

    By now most of you should have known that NFS this year requires the Internet for you to even play the game. Traditionally you need to be online to update the speedwalls, now you need to be online just to play the game. Imagine playing GTA only on Online mode. Fucktards will come and bang your car for no apparent reasons other than just to annoy you. Even during your mission races, other players can still screw you up (yes they are visible even in your mission). There are not enough activities for a group of players to do together, so WHY BOTHER imposing the Online requirement?


    Crevlis’s ride !

    While I did say that you will enjoy customizing your cars and such, you should also know that there are very very few car selections available in game. For supercars enthusiast, well turn around and walk away. You only get to buy 1 Mc Laren, 2 Ferraris, 3 Lambos I think an thats it for the supercars. No Zonda, no Bugatti, no Aston Martin, nopeeee. Maybe those will come later, as you guessed it. As Freaking D..L..C!

    The most expensive vehicle in the game currently is the F40 Ferrari which cost 198k in-game cash. I found some mission where I could grind for 7k cash per run, 8.4k if you have a friend in the same session, and you earn that money in just 1 minute 30 seconds. So do the math and tell me how much you earn in 30 minutes? Thats 140k in game cash at least in 30 minutes. Now imagine this, you drive one of the most expensive cars on the early stage of the game, what would happen ? Well you cruise by all the missions like they are nothing, good luck to those AI in their Volkswagen and Volvo trying to catch a glimpse of my fabulous Aventador’s tail light.

    Replay Value : 1/5 – You can platinum this game in one seating. Unless you are the type who beats every single record on the SpeedWall, else you would better leave this nightmare behind and move on.
    NFS-11 NFS-8 NFS-1 NFS-5

    Pros : Good Graphics, Very Well Done Cinematics, Good In-Game atmosphere, Some tracks are fun and challenging, Creative artwork modding system, Car tuning is fun, Comes with Daily Challenges.

    Cons : The game is a rip off. Cost too much and no where near its value. Car selections are too few and existing car selections are disappointing. What the hell is the Volvo 242 doing inside EA? Car modding gives the false impression of control, but really you would just opt for the highest performing parts. Not much of tweaking around at all. The artwork customization is a sweet sweet addition but somehow EA seemed to fail in realizing they are catering for the Console gamers as well, the controls are very uncomfortable when modding. Lacking in content, the game has almost no content at all, though the developers claimed to present 5 different ways for players to play, well in reality, the only way you play this game is your way. The so called 5 ways are just 5 different npcs giving you quests and you have to complete all their storyline nonetheless. Buy a second hand.

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    Written By : ZoziVora
    Game Title : Need For Speed
    Hours into game : 32+ (Platinum)
    Platform Played : Playstation 4

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