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    World Boss Enraged Giath has finally arrived in Black Desert Mobile

    Black Desert developer, Pearl Abyss has announced the release of a new World Boss for the mobile version of the game. This particular Enraged Giath is available to Adventurers who have reached level 35 or above.

    This Goblin chief is one of the few early bosses that Adventurers meet and fight. This powered up version became enraged due to the constant ravage of the Goblin homelands by the Adventurers. This has fueled his determination to put a stop and unleash his powers of nightmare on anyone who tries to trespass in his forest.

    In addition to the new World Boss, the Abbysal Accessories will now be obtainable as a reward by defeating World Bosses or participating in Elite Guild Boss Rushes. Adventurers can now further enhance combat skills of their characters by using the highest-grade accessories available in the game now.

    For further information, check out Black Desert Mobile’s official website.

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