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    Wipeout Omega Collection’s Digital Artbook!

    Hey you! Have you heard about how beautiful the graphics for the Futuristic Racer game named Wipeout is? You really need to watch some videos of it online. But today, I’m bringing something entirely different to your attention. Arts. If you purchase the Wipeout Omega Collection on the Ps Store, you will get the Digital Artbook along with it and here are some cool stuffs they included in it.

    – Wipeout Comic!
    – Vehicles Art
    – Tracks Art
    – 2 low resolution videos

    Anyway, check it out please! It has a pretty kewl music too!

    P/s They actually disabled the PS4 Sharing function for this Artbook, I’m not supposed to share this out but hey! Nice stuffs are meant to be shared right? Captured the video using AverMedia’s Live Gamer Portable 2!

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