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    Win 10,000 In-Game Currency Playing On GTarcade This Halloween

    This coming of Halloween, be a Hallowinner with GTarcade (gaming platform behind a range of awesome mobile and browser games), is currently running an epic giveaway this Halloween and new details revealing the hotly anticipated in-game mascot.


    Starting from October 30th to November 14th, 2019, participants will need to collect Pumpkin Lamps in order to redeem gifts from GTarcade. Here are the 3 ways to collect the Pumpkin Lamps:

    • Play the games on GTarcade to fight against ghosts and monsters and win pumpkin lamps.
    • Get a unique invitation link on GTarcade and share it with your friends. Every download or account registered will be counted as 1 pumpkin lamp.
    • Post the event with your unique invitation link on social media. Every 1000 likes will earn 1 pumpkin lamp.

    Check out the link for more info and to sign up.

    There are 3 suggested ways to share the special invitation link as per below:

    • Videos: Like any other online influencers, produce a creative video on your own and upload it on your social media, along with your unique invitation link and the hashtag #HalloweenGTarcade.
    • Cosplay: Take a picture of your Halloween Cosplay, upload it with the official template and then share it on your social media, along with the unique invitation link and hashtag #HalloweenGTarcade.
    • Spooky Photos: Upload a picture with the official GIF template and then share it on your social media, along with the unique invitation link and hashtag #HalloweenGTarcade.


    Here are the following loads of rewards up for grabs:

    • Pumpkin Lamps can be redeemed for in-game rewards on GTarcade.
    • The Top 100 players with the most pumpkin lamps will get a $25 Amazon Gift Card each.
    • Among the top 100 participants, the top 10 for each game (Legacy of Discord, Era of Celestials, Rangers of Oblivion, League of Angels 2 & 3) – in total 50 participants will be getting their hands on 10,000 diamonds worth of in-game currency each!.


    Exclusive Mascot

    On top of the mentioned prizes above, GTarcade Hallowinner event will also be getting an exclusive GTarcade mascot. There will be 3 different stages events that will further reveal the mascot, in which players who participated in all 3 can redeem the GTarcade mascot into their personal collection as a pet or mount in all games. Hint that the mascot has something to do with fire.

    “It has been 6 years since the first game was published on GTarcade. To thank you all for your love and support through all these years, we are now bringing to you our GTarcade Mascot!”.


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