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    Metal Revolution Presents ‘Kong’ In This New Cyberpunk Fighting Game

    Round 1: Fight! Gtarcade, the publishing branch of the mobile gaming developer YOOZOO Games, is dropping Kong into the upcoming mecha fighting game, Metal Revolution. The design and moveset are inspired by Sun Wukong (aka Monkey King).

    About the Game:

    Metal Revolution is a new 60 frames per second fighting game that aims to revitalize the genre and brings the soul of the classic arcade fighting games into a new era, providing a more seamless and fluent gameplay experience on mobile devices. Among the gameplay features are;

    • Parry, where players can parry anytime (even blocking or in the air)

    • An energy bar that makes players carefully plan their resource spending

    • Offensive and defensive players that excel at different playstyles

    Metal Revolution is set for Mobile, consoles, and PC release with no confirmed release date yet.

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