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    Warframe Arriving For Mobile

    Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe is arriving on mobile specifically on iOS. The game will arrive on 20 February with an Android version still in the works.

    Players can now bring their game anywhere with more than 10 years of Warframe content is now literally at your fingertips in a faithful mobile format. With Cross Platform Play and Cross Platform Save fully implemented, you can link up with your Squadmates anytime, anywhere, and maintain your progress across your chosen platform(s).

    Be sure to log in during launch week, beginning 20 February to claim your free Day 1 Login Rewards: a 3-Day Affinity Booster and a Bombyx Syandana.

    Warframe: Starter Weapon Pack

     Warframe on iOS

    Just starting out in Warframe for the first time? Outfit your Arsenal with the powerful Aeolak Primary Weapon plus a Max Rank Serration Mod and more. The Starter Weapon Pack offers excellent value for new players looking to jump into the fight with a little extra kick.

    The Starter Weapon Pack includes:

    – Aeolak Rifle (Max Rank)
    – Serration Mod (Max Rank)
    – 100 Platinum

    *One pack can only be purchased once per account

    Warframe for mobile will be arriving for iOS on 20 February with an Android version available in the future but you can pre-register HERE.

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