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    Vellum, the new boss terrorizing the Maple World in MapleStory M!

    An ancient danger has awakened within Maple World. The sinister “Vellum” has returned to challenge Maplers beneath the dark depths of Root Abyss. In this August 20th update, Maplers will be able to test their might as they attempt to defeat this menace in the latest content update for MapleStory M, the blockbuster side-scrolling mobile game from NEXON Korea Corporation.

    As a bonus to this update, the Starforce field also receives an upgrade as MapleStory M players can now explore ever higher into the Starforce field called the Cave of Trials. Here, players will be able to gain many more rewards as they defeat the enemies in this harrowing environment. Two new events are also available now, to celebrate this update of MapleStory M, which include:

    • Maplemon Events – From now to Monday, Aug. 24, players can grow their Maplemon by participating in a variety of mini-games such as Maplemon battles, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Catch Coin and more to earn Event Coins, which can be exchanged for special rewards in Event Coin shops or can activate special buffs with Coin Buff event.
    • Summer’s End Dice Event – From Thursday, Sept. 3 until Thursday, Sept. 17, players can enjoy dice games with their fellow Maplers to win special prizes with a laid-back, late summer theme. Players can get various items to help playing the game such as 10M Meso Exchange Ticket upon their reach. Those who circle the entire board will be awarded much higher rewards including Unique Potential Scroll (30%).

    MapleStory M is available for iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play respectively.


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