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    Unleash Chaos Across The Universe In Solar Raiders – Robi Studios’ Upcoming Third Person Roguelite

    Grab your guns as Robi Studios, developer of the acclaimed platformer Blue Fire, is hyped to announce its upcoming title “Solar Raiders” a challenging fast-paced third-person bullet hell rogue-lite set to release in 2025. Eager Raiders can go ahead and download a free Demo – available now on Steam.

    About The Game

    After being kidnapped by The Big Boss, Raiders will have to gear up, suit up, and shoot out on an intergalactic mission to steal the Solar Core…and most likely fail. Go solo or team up with friends, overcome enemy-packed dungeons, raid, loot, unlock powerful skills, create unstoppable builds, and prepare to die.

    Solar Raiders’ features include:

    • Third-Person Movement Shooter – Jump, dash, slide, wall run, hook, and much more in this frenetic fast-paced platformer-shooter.
    • Challenging Bullet Hell – Dance through a rain of bullets while unleashing chaos.
    • 4 Player Co-op – Embark on a cosmic quest solo, or online with friends.
    • Dungeon Crawler – Snatch your map, explore, and loot ever-changing intergalactic locations in an attempt to ultimately steal the Solar Core.
    • Unique Replayable Runs – Guns, Flamethrowers, Grenade Launchers, Ice Beams and … Bubble Blowers? Create unstoppable builds mixing crazy weapons, perks, and skills.
    • Roguelite experience – Gear up, make friends with criminals, and unlock permanent upgrades at the Hub between runs.
    • Vibrant & Fun Art Style – You’ve been kidnapped by The Big Boss and forced on a mission to steal the Solar Core. Unleash destruction in this fun & vibrant universe.
    • Character Customization – Express your creativity and create your space raider as you like choosing clothes, emotes, and more.

    A free demo for Solar Raiders is now available on Steam. Play the demo and wishlist here.


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